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Fully Crystallised Hooded Merganser Duck Figurine

£795.00 GBP

This chap measures just 14cm long by 7 cm tall by 6cm wide and is fully crystallised using thousands of 1-2mm crystals.

He is finished in a blend of colours to complement his natural plumage. His chest and hooded head is a striking contrast of jet black and white, his flanks blend from dark to medium burnt orange with his tail a deep rich brown. His back feathering is shaded in deep graphite with jet detailing.

Each of my animal figurines take weeks of work and use thousands of tiny crystals, each one applied by hand. The crystals I use are the worlds leading brand in exclusive colours. These pieces are a labour of love inspired by my own ducks..

Video link can be seen here:

The proceeds of my crystal animal figurines go towards my rescue flock of ducks.