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About Me

I have been creating bespoke items embellished with crystals by Swarovski® since 2002. I have a small design studio in the rural countryside in Dorset where I also run a waterfowl sanctuary.

Every CrystalSkins item is handmade. CrystalSkins is a very small business and the majority of the work is carried out by myself. I have a team of expereienced crystal application specialists who I call on during busy periods and to work on corporate commissions. 

I have a very ethical outlook towards my work and wont compromise on quality or customer service. All of the profits from CrystalSkins go towards running my waterfowl sanctuary, so every penny made helps rescued ducks. 

All CrystalSkins products are made with crystals by Swarovski®, the premium brand for fine loose cut crystals. CrystalSkins have signed a branding contract (contract ID: 164 0678) with Swarovski which allows us to use the descriptive logo crystals by Swarovski® showing that all of our design pieces have been created using 100 % crystals by Swarovski®.