Crystals by Swarovski® and Preciosa® come in a huge array of dazzling colours. Some are standard colours and some have 'effects' such as an AB coating, which are a little more expensive.

Non coloured crystal is slightly cheaper than coloured crystal. Colours with effects (marked with an * on the colour chart) are more expensive, with prices on quotation. Some colours are only available in larger sizes and may not be able to be used in conjunction with some other colours and may carry a price premium. 

We stock the full range of available colours for Preciosa. The Swarovski®  range  of colours will get less and less until they are phased out completely by the end of 2021 . We are always happy to advise on colour themes and encourage clients to choose something unique to them.

We are happy to send out sample crystals and help you choose which colours work best together