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Send Us Your Mic To Be Crystallised

Why should you use a professional crystal application service to bling up your mic? Firstly we have been doing this for over 20 years so we have got quite good at it!

To get a flawless finish your mic needs to be prepped and painted to match your chosen colour theme and design before we even think about applying the crystals. Once that process is finished we apply every individual crystal by hand using adhesive that is designed for crystal application, interlocking each crystal so there is a seamless finish.

We then leave to dry and check each crystal again to make sure it’s fully adhered. Furthermore the crystals should stay firmly affixed for the lifetime of your mic (barring accidents!). Your mic is the most important tool of your trade so give it the professional treatment.

Our mics have been featured on ITV's The X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing and are used by artists worldwide. 

See our gallery pages for more images and different designs of crystal covered microphones.

We understand that every performer has different requirements from a microphone so we usually quote on an individual basis according to your needs as a customer. Prices for crystal customisation range from £250.00 to £400.00.

bling bedazzled glitter swarovski crystal mic

Contact us on [email protected] or call, text or WhatsApp +44 (0) 7720 397795 to discuss your requirements.